An Addendum to the Snot Post

Skye mentioned that my snot theory really did explain a lot. She considered the loss of snot/ brain matter to be a cause of senility. I agree, it’s another element to the whole snot thing which I hadn’t even thought of.

But, one thing I did think of is nose picking. If you tell your children they aren’t merely picking snot out of their nose but in fact, are removing brain cells, I bet you could really make progress in training children not to pick. Or at least, not to dig too deeply.

In the end we could have a whole generation of non-pickers.

Would that be a good thing? After all, what does it really matter if you remove snot once it’s already dripped down that far. It’s not like you’re going to try putting it back. I have never seen someone putting snot back up their nose. Well, I have seen people who would rather snort it back up than blow it out into a tissue. So, maybe they are the real geniuses among us. Those snot snorters have known all along, don’t blow your snot away.

Well, has that blown your mind? Get a few tissues, preserve it. Maybe you can snort it back up later. I’d hate to think I could be the cause of early senility. After all, I don’t have many readers and you all need to keep at least enough snot in your head to keep coming back here. You don’t actually need to read once you’re here. Though that would be nice. If you can suck up enough snot to comment that would be great. That’s how I know I’m not just talking to myself.

Good night. Remember, keep your snot!

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