Writing Without Fluff

You can find a lot about cutting the fluff out of your writing. I know, I just searched Google for writing fluff. I did this because someone argued that there is too much gloom and reality on BackWash lately. So, I wondered if there was a guide to writing better fluff pieces. (Not so far in the search but I’m sure it’s out there, somewhere).… Read the rest

Spike and Malice: It’s a Game

Because I have roughly two days left to move I’m going to spend today out with Zack. We are going to Newmarket to see a movie and drop in on his Mother. She is leaving for a week in Cuba and wanted to see her son before she leaves.

I hope my sister never reads this.… Read the rest

The Old Bag Strikes Back

I’m a woman. I checked recently. Aren’t I supposed to think all children are dears and wish for a pack of my own?

Sometimes I’d still like a couple of kids. Then I have my sister’s little children come visit and I re-think that plan. Maybe it’s just a poor example. Not a great case study.… Read the rest

Bite My Butt

I don’t hear from John very often any more. But I still send him an email a couple of times a week. This was part of an email I sent tonight. Judge me however you will. But, now you know the secret.

Tomorrow night I have a date with a married man. Just dinner and

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The Clothes Make the Woman

The sky looks like soft silver today. It’s sunny and windy and we’ve had the odd rain sprinkling down. I wish I could grab my purse, stick on my sandals and go for a drive. A short road trip. Maybe just to Barrie for coffee and book window shopping. Maybe a quickie burger stop too. At times I just crave a good hamburger with lots of pickles and lettuce and other assorted green stuff.… Read the rest

Skinny Girls Will Haunt You

I was reviewing some pro-ana sites this morning. It’s not easy looking at and reading sites where young women talk about starving themselves to fit into some skeletal ideal woman they think they need to be in order to be happy.

Here are some quotes from another of the sites. I edited out others, these were of interest to me.… Read the rest