Life Coach

I could probably be a great life coach but I just don’t want to sit and listen to someone going on and on about all their problems.

Life coaching is coaching to improve someone’s personal or professional life.

It involves a professional partnership between a coach and the client that supports the client’s personal growth, through the use of requests and powerful questions from the coach and commitment and responsibility of the client.

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Power of Workshops

I never really believed in the power of workshops until I did a few. Being in that two day workshop about the self employment program and becoming self employed made me really feel it was something attainable and I really could change my life. Now the glow has begun to tarnish and I’m back to being me again.… Read the rest

The Reframing Matrix

Here is an idea for the next time you are stuck with an idea and can’t fight your way out of a wet paper bag with it. Try the reframing matrix plan.

The Reframing Matrix is a formal technique used to look at problems from different perspectives. It helps to expand the number of options open to you for solving a problem.… Read the rest

DSL Today!

I just went down to sign for the delivery of my DSL connection gear. WooHoo (as HappyandBlue would say). I’m going to take a lunch making break from all these online quizes and set it up.

Procrastination is a Dirty Word

I’m finding it so easy to procrastinate today. Maybe I just had too much emotional turbulence in the past few days. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to get done.

My brother wrote me the loveliest (I know men will cringe at the very word) letter to go with my business proposal. He is going to be my financial backer.… Read the rest