What Year were you Born Under?

This is the last one tonight cause I’m getting too tired to keep clicking. But, it’s been fun. 🙂

You Were Actually Born Under:
You have both a fiery energy and a warm heart.
Your charisma and charm makes it easy for you to influence others.
Lucky in life, you also have a reputation of being lucky in love.
Power hungry, you are determined to get what you want – no matter what it takes.
You are most compatible with a Monkey or Rat.
You Should Have Been Born Under:

You’ve got a ton of energy – and need plenty of room to roam.
You tend to follow your whims, and it’s hard for you to stick to one thing.
Specific jobs, loves, and friends are always changing and never a part of your life for long.
Very intuitive, you tend to know what people are thinking before they say a word.
You are most compatible with a Dog or Tiger.

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