Tomorrow, when I’m actually awake and can spell again, I need to WORK. I’ve managed to put off several things that need doing. Well, not totally put off, as if I was slacking off. I did my good deed for the weekend, I gave of myself, to my sister’s children, all three of them.

Now, however, I have gotten little done of things I needed to do for me. Plus, I’m way too tired to keep my eyes open and my fingers nimble. My brain has ceased to percolate. But, I did spell that well, not bad for someone using one hand to keep her eyes open.

I managed to buy the same book twice. Not today, just bought the second one today. I knew there had to be a good reason it looked so familiar. I just ignored my good reason and bought the book anyway. I also bought a book about CSS. I will get my own template, the hard way, the do-it-yourself way.

I’m too tired to sit here chatting, even though my fingers have kind of taken over with a mind of their own at this point. Stop that!

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