The Very Most Terrifying Question Anyone Can Ask a Blogger!!!

What is your blog about?

Ummm… you mean it was supposed to be about something? That would almost be like having a focus, making a point, having a reason for existing. Ummm… well…. sure, it’s about something. Somewhere, in some way. Surely, there was a point in it somewhere. Maybe I can find it if I search it with Google. Do I have to actually read the whole thing? Isn’t it enough that I wrote it?

Guess what?!!

You’re supposed to say “What?”

Not like THAT! Say it like you actually want to know.

Well, anyway… that iVillage site that publishes the Grrl Genius blog… they emailed me back!!! But, I need to tell them what my blog is about and send them my best posts. Eeeeeek!

What is my blog about? Is there a site or a script that can weed that out for me? Surely someone has invented something like that.

What are my best posts? Assuming I can find a point to this blog, then I need to find good posts in support of that whole “what is your blog about” deal.

How… frightening…

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