The Dirk Malloy All-Male Collection

The Dirk Malloy All-Male Collection: “Dirk Malloy is a raconteur, a lover of the ladies, and a writer of books aimed especially at men with lusty and intellectual interests like his own. He is a third-degree black belt in aiki-jitsu, has traveled extensively, rides a Harley, explores both theoretical physics and the wacky stuff, drinks his scotch straight, loves a good belly laugh, and has tasted both victory and defeat in life and in love. In short, a complete man. He’ll be happy to sign any books you buy. Got a guy question? Ask him HERE.”

If you think about it… why does all that make him a “complete man”. Also, what is a lover of ladies? Does he just generally like women or does he “bag” a new one every night?

I just think all this gender ideal/ stereotype stuff is interesting. I’m not knocking Dirk, just made me think when I read his site description. Couldn’t list it in the Men’s category at Dmoz but I’m forwarding it along to the Shopping section.

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