Stuff I’ve Been Doing Today

Don’t come here expecting organization, planning or anything quite so well thought out and clever. It took me years (at least 39 years if you don’t count babyhood) just to learn to spell and use punctuation. I’m still working on grammar and I admit the other two aren’t quite perfected.

Anyway, while I’ve been playing with the computer, software and the bloggage situation today, I came across a bunch of sites I would have quick linked to using the toolbar thingie from Google. However, I have not yet reinstalled that feature. So here are the links (mainly for myself since I will never remember where I went and what I found if not for sticking it into a blog).


A free, flexible, elegant, easy-to-use content management system for all kinds of websites, even weblogs.

Movable Type Didn’t they have their own domain for this before? Seems I remember it being on it’s own, not an offshoot of the sixapart domain. Anyway, I only came here to poke around and wonder if web hosted blogs are better than hosting your own. Still no decision on that one.

They also have Typepad. Is it better to pay for this than have your own domain and a blog too? Would people be better to just forget the domain bit and go with a blog? It is so easy to publish via blog. The blog creates organization out of your chaos, if you set up categories as you can do with Word Press. No doubt there are other options available or in the works.

Blogzilla A blog about the Mozilla Suite. Not very useful, not being kept updated. I guess that’s in part due to SeaMonkey being the new toy. I still like Mozilla Suite better.

Word Press templates and other stuff geared to Word Press at Viewfinder Design. I looked at Blogsome today, considering another blog there geared to online writing only. No personal stuff. But, I’m not sure about Blogsome, more specifically, Word Press if there are no backups. I don’t want to rely on myself only for keeping back up copies of everything. From past experience I know I’m not reliable when it comes to being especially organized and efficient. Always know your weakish points, at least if you only admit them to yourself or the odd blog post very few people will actually read. Most people will be skimming by this point. Funny isn’t it. I could write the meaning of life the universe and everything right here and almost no one would find it. Just think of it as our little secret.

CSS Reboot

CSS Reboot is a community event for web professionals. On November 1st, 2005 at 12:00 GMT Rebooters from all over the world launched their web standards-based redesigns (or designs) simultaneously, bringing traffic, interest and a little respect to their sites.

If nothing else, go for a look at the site designs. Pretty amazing what people can do typing on a keyboard.

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