Standing in the Joy

“Effort is the clear-minded application of one’s abilities, while struggle is nothing more than a whole lot of unnecessary lather. And actually, when you are truly connected to what you should be doing, struggle is the furthest thing from your mind. All you really want to accomplish is the task set before you, and you’ll do pretty much anything to make it happen.” – Suzanne Falter-Barns

More from the How Much Joy Can you Stand book.

At the end of this chapter you’re to write resons “why not”. Why you aren’t accomplishing the things you want to be doing. I don’t really have any good reasons. Money, yes, but I can figure my way around that most of the time. Time, but I do have time really. I just forget about other things which I care less about and then I do have time to write, to plan and to create.

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