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I’m pretty good. I only mess up when I get lazy and think I’m too good to be true and running it through spellcheck once is enough and I don’t really need to eyeball it myself again.

I just sent an email in which I noticed ‘coudl’ had snuck in there. Not that it was right up there with the top professional emails (I really should have put more time and thought into it) but a flaw that the everyday spellechecker could have caught was a bit too lazy on my part.

I like this spelling webring. I am pretty good with spelling, grammar and punctuation. Not a dictionary by any means but I can hold my own. Most of the time, when I don’t get lazy or just sloppy.

Upon further exploration… this ring seems abandoned. Don’t get all enthusiastic and rush over to join. There are 22 sites waiting to join and the last time any were added was March, 2005.

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