Small/ Home Business Canada

Small Business Canada

I’ve been looking up information most of the day, since 4:30 this morning, with only short breaks for coffee, soup stirring and soon soup eating.

I found a few interesting sites.

Women’s Funding Network

Canadian Women’s Foundation

Ontario Trillium Foundation

Ontario Arts Council

Ontario Women’s Directorate

Women’s Enterprise Centre

Canada One:

The free online magazine for small businesses in Canada, with hundreds of articles, business profiles and reviews.

Charity Village: Canada’s super site for the non-profit sector.

I’m not sure if funding/ grants would make a difference at this point. It would be helpful to take some workshops or a day course in some business skills thing. But, what I would really like is some clue how to go about getting clients, in a professional and likely to be successful way, rather than just holding my breath, closing my eyes and jumping in hoping for the best.

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