I have just reformatted the computer again. It’s never simple or standard with this computer. There is always some new glitch each time. Almost like it thinks up a new one just for me. But I’m back.

Today I hung the curtains in my room. GoodWill specials, remodelled and restyled, you could even say, recycled, the best kind. I saw a book at Chapters about The Salvage Sisters, I think that was the title. Recycling GoodWill, garage sale and flea market finds is a hot thing right now. Silly in a way cause we have always done this. Picked up stuff found at the road side, etc.

Anyway, I need to drive down to Newmarket today, Barrie tomorrow and I don’t really have enough cash on hand for all that extra mileage. Just waiting for that serpentine belt thing on the car to crack and be totally screwed. Why do people think I can just run around like this? Can’t they ever have everthing in the same town at the same time? Silly me.

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