Not Today…

I’m having a yucky day. It’s only just after 8:am. The sun is just rolling out of bed, making it’s first cup of coffee and putting on it’s jacket for a day outside. But, I am already in the yucky day zone.

I have allergies, my skin crawls with itchiness. My skin is dried out and yet I have the little zits of “that time of the month”. I’m ever so delighted. This is a time when the whole cloning thing starts to sound like a good idea. Just move into someone else’s skin awhile. You be me for the day and I will just merrily go along not being me today.

Some alien has taken over my computer. It’s very busy doing something yet I’m not doing anything but typing into this window. Nothing else should be running and yet it’s making all kinds of busy noises and that light is flashing as if I were making it open several graphic loaded webpages. Go home little green people, bug someone else’s computer today.

Plus, I am driving out to Newmarket again to babysit. Yes, I just got back from there yesterday evening. Yes, the price of gas is slightly down yet not down enough. Yes, the poor damned car is not making friendly happy noises and does sound like a car that wants to retire, any moment now. (It’s interesting how birth and death are so alike on some level). Yes, the newly fixed brakes seem to be loosening up to the point where I am putting my foot down more and more. Far more than I do in the rest of my life where I seem to fall into the category of doormat.

There can not be a shower hot enough or strong enough to fix this day!!!

I almost forgot, I am supposed to go to Zellers and ask for my job back. The job I quit in July cause I could not breathe (physically, and in so many other ways). Talk about being an adult and having to do things you don’t want to do. This is definitely the high point of my yucky day.

It looks dark and stormy outside (which I would actually enjoy if the car wipers were working better).

Can I have the option to be me tomorrow instead of today? Where did I leave that wind up clone?

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