Not Making This a Habit… Meme from Skye’s Blog

‘Name 5 Weird Habits’ Meme. Blame Skye.

1. When I buy a book or magazine I never take the first one on the rack. I always have to go for the third or so magazine/ book in the pile. This started cause the first one is usually a bit dog-earred but then I just started thinking about how I wanted a really fresher one, untouched. Yet the ones at the very end of the stack are sort of unwanted, so I leave those alone too. It has to be about the third one.

2. I religiously check for my car keys before I lock the doors. You may think this is just standard, but no. I have to check at least twice and actually see them or still have them in my hand. I once locked myself out of the car, with the keys inside. I will never do that again, even if I look like a moron checking for car keys a second or third time when I know I just put them in my purse.

3. I always wash my hair first in the shower. I once read an article in Cosmo (when it was still a good magazine) about what it means if you wash your face, hair or etc first. People who was their face are self centred, people who wash their hair first are creative. That’s all I can remember, but I think that article reinforced the whole hair washing habit.

4. Not sure if it’s a habit exactly but I don’t wear typical women’s shoes unless I can’t at all avoid it. I hate high heels, they look cute on other women, not me. I wear boots, socks without shoes, bare feet and those tie up men’s shoe/ boot things that I can’t think of the name now. Men’s size seven fits great and they are sometimes on sale, I guess there aren’t a lot of men who need that size. Anyway, I like the toe room versus those foot killing pumps and heels that look so glamourous on models.

5. I never wear makeup. The odd time lip balm for my dry lips but no other cosmetics. I can touch my face, I can walk in the rain and spend the whole day not worrying about my face and what might have smudged or run or clumped. It’s just my own face, clean, clear skin.

So, as you can see I’m perfectly normal, just your average white, middle-aged woman checking for keys, picking through magazines going around with clean hair, no make up and men’s shoes 🙂

I tag HappyandBlue2 with this meme. Anyone else who reads this is tagged too. So there. :p

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