In Email… (Not for the Kiddies)

New Penis Enlargement Patches!

Gmail filters out a lot of spam, it’s good at that. Much better than Yahoo or Hotmail. So, I just go into the spam mail box now and then and toss it all out. I seldom read anything, just check in case something wandered in by mistake.

But, this email header stood out for a second. First, the whole enlargement thing is just silly. Unless these men are all gay it’s going into a vagina which is stretchy yes, but it is not a bottomless pit. I’m sorry boys, but only so much is going to fit in and the excess is just getting in the way.

Secondly… a patch?!!! If you use the wrong patch will your penis stop smoking? Will your lips enlarge, becoming a black hole in your face? Will using a penis patch actually drive you to smoke more, that whole after sex thing? Also, if the patch slips during use will you suddenly get huge testicles, maybe a beer belly?

Lastly, I can’t help thinking of a patch as the sort of thing used to extend the life of clothes, fabric patches. In my mind I am looking at a penis with a patch, as if it was broken and needed sewing.

Please send help to the Patch a Penis Foundation: PPF.

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