I’m Back with Clean Undies

I’m back! The plan was to stay a couple of days, not five! My sister has a small business and three kids and she needed a lot of help. Full time help really. The kind of help you used to get when you were looking for a wife to homemake and raise happy kids.

I love my nephew and the neices are starting to seem more like people rather than babies, but, I want my own life. I don’t want to give myself away to my family. Being the nice one can really be a bad thing. If you are the nice one in your family you know exactly what I mean. No one likes it when the nice one says no, you have to find a nice way to say no. You also never get angry, that would be less than nice.

I’m not angry and I’m not even annoyed. I am just glad to be back to myself again. It’s good to help and I don’t mind being there but I was getting cabin fever for my own life, at least two days ago. Another two days and I think someone else would have moved in under my own skin and I’d be left, homeless, without a body, let alone a life.

I had great driving music on the way home too. I stopped for a Tim Horton’s coffee before I hit the dark roads. I knew I’d be getting sleepy before I got halfway back here. Getting sleepy while driving is not a good thing. It takes me about an hour to drive here, though everyone else seems to do it in half that time. My car is old and makes protesting noises when I speed. Still, I’ve never had so much as a parking ticket and I like it that way. But, it does make me angry to have someone shinging their bright lights at the back of my head for 20 minutes. Why don’t they just pass me and leave me alone? I’m not going to speed up just cause some chipmunk with a driver’s license wants me to.

Anyway, I’m back! I’m back! I’m back!

If my family stumble into this (not very likely) I did not mind being there. I just had enough of it. Plus, I really wanted clean clothes!! Also, I was afraid the car would tell me to piss off when I tried to start it again after neglecting it for a few days. Anyway, whisper I’m back.

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