Good Morning!

Today I am sewing an apron, maybe more than one, for Christmas. I love to sew. But, for the past dozen or so years I’ve sewn everything by hand, no machine. My Mom bought me a wonderful sewing machine for Christmas while I was living in the US, married down there. But, I only used it briefly before the divorce and moving back to Ontario. Then, we thought it was missing for a couple of years. Turned out it was packed into something else which I hadn’t looked in. So, it’s now found.

Now, the trick is to thread the machine, to learn how to use it. Also, most of the sewing I’ve done has been mending clothes. It’s not the same as creating an article of clothing. Mending is pretty much sewing a straight seam with small, strong stitches. Same for hemming, which I’ve also done plenty of. Button sewing too, of course. None of those have kept me in practice for creating aforementioned apron.

That’s why I’ve procrastinated so many days. I knew about this a few days ago. My brother said he wanted an apron for Christmas, a nice fancy one. 😀 I love typing it that way, makes me laugh. He wants it for Sherry, his girlfriend. If it goes well and I’m doing ok with time I thought I would make two more for my sisters. I think I have enough stuff, certainly enough fabric. I’m a fabric addict, there are metres and metres of fabric stored away. Most of it is, sadly in half metres as I bought it with the idea of quilting (crazy quilts which use small pieces patched together and embroidered all over) or doll making and doll clothes (Raggedy Ann or any other rag doll facsimile).

It will be an interesting day. I can do it, I know the basics. I even have a book about sewing which I bought when I wanted to know how to thread the machine when I first got it. It’s all just a matter of starting. First, I made a fresh coffee, added a bit of pumpkin pie spice to flavour it up and inspire my creativity and inventiveness, both of which I will need. 🙂

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