Gain Self Confidence

Article from: Womens Deals

7 Ways To Gain More Self-Confidence: Becoming More Confident

1. Learn to give and take graciously because true confidence cannot exist in a vacuum. Though it might not feel natural at first, the most confident people are those who are able to find a balance between helping others and asking for help when they themselves need it.

2. Arm yourself with the facts. When you feel unsure, confidence can melt away. Always being prepared with the correct information can help you retain your inner strength in an unnerving situation.

3. You cannot rethink the past, but you can reinvent yourself. Broadening your horizons with new and exciting experiences will help you to feel accomplished and will add unique modes of expression to your daily life.

4. It is easy to forget how many difficult obstacles you’ve overcome when you’re faced with the obstacles ahead. Keeping a success journal, wherein you list accomplishments big and small, as well as future goals, can inspire confidence when you’re feeling overwhelmed or under-motivated.

5. Bolstering the confidence of others and making new friends are powerful confidence builders. Help others to feel good by approaching them, asking questions, being friendly and complimenting them.

6. In situations that create feelings of uncertainty (which can quickly undermine self-confidence), imagine that the difficulties involved are ones you’ve faced before. Feeling self-assured about a few things can help you perceive yourself as confident about most things.

7. Each morning, give your self-confidence a jump-start with a positive affirmation. Think of five the things you have accomplished. Look closely at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that you accept, support, and trust yourself, even when the unexpected happens.

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