Don’t Breathe on the Cashier!

I understand that not everyone is going to make the effort to be pleasant to their cashier this Christmas. Some people like to think of cashiers and other service people as lesser beings, not quite good enough to be considered human. That’s their problem.

But, even as you rush along and stand there waiting for the cashier to bag up your crap… stuff, have the courtesy not to make her want to pound the life out of you.

Don’t breathe on her. Don’t lean on the back of the divider and elbow her in the head. Don’t nag about how she wraps and bags up your stuff. Don’t whine about the store, the prices or store policy. Don’t sit your children on the counter. Don’t touch her, at all. Don’t expect her to lift all your heavy junk. Don’t expect her to individually bag each thing you buy. Don’t bitch about how another employee treated you, don’t rant about how busy the store is or how you couldn’t find something – go to customer service to bitch about anything not directly related to the cashier and her job to bag your stuff and get you out of the store.

I don’t want to sound like a bitch, but… cashiers are people too. We don’t want to be sick of people. We don’t want to hate Christmas and every other holiday. We don’t want to get pissed off and consider how we could use your debit/ credit card information to hunt you down and do violence. It’s Christmas, we want to be happy too.

If you can’t do anything nice, at least get your face on your side of the counter, don’t breathe on us!!!!

Do you know what it’s like to be one person surrounded by endless people? To be literally hemmed in, trapped, unable to escape. Do you know how it is to feel claustrophia? I do! I don’t have any phobias, unless you count the electricity thing, but at Christmas when I worked on cash last year I was just about ready to go postal if that was the only way I could get a tiny bit of space for myself.

We don’t want your germs any more than you do. Also, we usually have cold germs from all the other customers. If you want to get into a breathing upon war, we’re going to win!!!

Let me cough in your general direction.

Merry Christmas.

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