Christmas Cookie Exchange

If you are genuinely serious about losing weight, don’t under any conditions or circumstances have anything to do with a Christmas cookie exchange. No matter how much you like your friends, no matter how much you wanted to try that recipe anyway, no matter… no matter anything, anyway, any how. I have eaten so many cookies I actually feel ill when I look at them now. The little monsters.

Oh… but they’re so cute and tasty, how can you think of them as evil?

I am going to donate the rest of the cookies to a worthy cause, my sister’s children. Bag them up and freeze them until I can set them free with small children who I know will quickly devouor and rid me of them, forever!

Of course, I still have seven rolls of cookie batter in the freezer. I had the bright idea that I would give cookies as presents this year. I’ve been nibbling that frozen battter. It didn’t help that Perry came to visit. Good old Perry, that monthly annoyance and zit festival. I even got a cold sore this time cause I’ve been stressing about career related issues, the whole not really having one deal.

Anyway, last evening I sent in an informal query email to the Idiot’s Guide publisher. Maybe they will laugh and pat me on the head and tell me to come back when I have a real query or writer credits or half a brain… something along those lines. Or, maybe they will email me back and tell me GREAT!! When can you send us a formal query and get started on this great and wonderful undertaking of much great and wonderfulness?

Something in the middle, leaning towards GREAT, would be fine too.

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