– The Great Canadian Blog Survey! – The Great Canadian Blog Survey!

Does it give you Canada goosebumps just to think of it? I’m going in.

It was ok, I came out just as alive as I was when I went in. Not a bad record.

Only I wonder if I’m a mutant blogger. Does everyone read a lot of blogs, faithfully? I have not done so. But, I do read them as I find them. Lots of them through editing at Dmoz. There are more submissions than there are blogs listed I think. Getting hard to be sure as the blogs are being moved outside of the general Blog category. Now they will (mostly) be listed according to topic, just like any other site. Blogs are the medium, not the message.

Take the survey, it won’t bite. Aaron’s kind of cute but you won’t see his picture till the survey is done. He must be kind of shy. 😉

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