Borrowed Computers

Borrowing a computer is always interesting. You gain new respect for your own computer and chances are you find new things you’d like to migrate along to your own set up. On this computer I like that the MS text file opens in a different font. Mine is always FixedSys which is perfectly fine for making ASCII art, but not much else. It’s a very thick font. This computer uses a much nicer font, plain but nice.

My desk is a lot neater, which isn’t saying a lot since my desk is not about to win any tidy awards.

I hope to be back at my own computer today, sometime. I should be getting paid something for the babysitting yesterday, not sure what though. I had asked for more than just gas money this time. Really that only seems fair. I didn’t want to come down to Newmarket again, right after leaving the day before.

My brother is coming over for breakfast this morning. I’m not sure who is cooking. I loaded the dishwasher. Tidying up someone’s house is tricky. You never know where things are supposed to go and when you guess at it peopel get frustrated. As if you should just KNOW. I’m not sure how I should just know. I just should. ESP would make life simpler. That or a lobotomy and then if they even asked me to do anything, I wouldn’t care what they thought or felt about how I did it. I do wonder if I’m the only one who thinks being part of a large family should require a lobotomy. Maybe it’s much different if you aren’t already the ‘black sheep’. I’ve never done anything bad, just all wrong.

I am looking forward to the drive back to Alliston. Driving is nice. Tailgaiters aside. I’d like a bumper sticker that says “If you can read this, back off”. Or something along those lines. Most people seem to drive like a herd of cattle, nose to butt. I love a lot of space in front and behind me. I like to see where I’m going and have lots of room to suddenly change my mind and head in another direction, stop for coffee or investigate whatever the road signs offer. Lots of things. Driving gives people a freedom yet they want to make it constricted. I don’t get it.

Just like I don’t get people being nasty. How does that ever really work out? Everyone likes to be treated fairly and respectfully and politely yet they so often seem to think it only needs to be directed at them, not from them. I get annoyed with nasty people. I’ve learned to be polite and respectful while not giving them what they want. Being nasty and rude should never gain you anything. I’m sure they will all suffer for it later. I don’t believe in heaven or hell but I’m sure there is something out to get them, eventually. No doubt it will be very nasty.