Blame it on Amy

  1. Name: Laura
  2. Age: Bite me.
  3. Where do you live: In a cave at the edge of the world. (Ontario for those will less imagination).
  4. What makes you happy: Being alive everyday makes me happy. Little things make me happy, the big things give me orgasms of delight.
    05: Fandoms: You can be my fan.
  5. What have you been listening to lately: Radio, Lovers and Other Strangers was just on.
  6. Favourite film: I don’t know yet. I like Moulin Rouge, Princess Bride…
  7. Favourite band/singer: Bryan Adams, Crast Test Dummies, Alanah Myles… assorted others.
  8. Interesting fact about you: I’ve gotten to the point where I really can type faster than I think, usually typo free too. Somedays I amaze myself.
  9. Are you in love at the moment: Not bloody likely.
  10. Favourite destination: I’d really like to see Russia, also South America and so many other places. But, for now I settle for a booth in Williams Coffee Pub and a good book.
  11. Favourite quote:
    The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.” – Eden Phillpotts
    “What’s ahead of me and what’s behind me are nothing compared to what’s inside me.” – Jean Shapiro
  12. When is your birthday: December 19th.
  13. Will you post this in your LJ: Yes.

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