Bake Sale and Adult Content

They are having a bake sale at work today. There was a notice up on the boards about donating your baked goods. No time or contact information, just the date. It kind of annoyed me. Here I am, struggling to be a good, dutiful bill payer (usually wondering if there is life under all those bills) and now I should hustle baked goods for them? Not just the expense (which is hefty for all that butter and other goodies I don’t keep around) but my time. I worked till close last night. That would give me this morning to get the supplies, do the baking and then show up for work 3 hours early to deliver them before noon. Why would I do that? Sure, it’s for the associates fund but they don’t even include the cashiers in any of their meetings. So, I stayed home and watched the snow flurries and updated the adult content here and there. I’m making an adult page for my ShopGrrl site but I won’t link it from the main page. I like keeping it seperate. I still have that nice grrl image thing to cope with. I’m not sure if it’s all in my mind any more or whatever… But, it’s there.

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