As the Fortune Cookie Crumbles…

I had Chinese take out the other day. They gave me two fortune cookies, maybe my fortune was just too much for only one cookie. 🙂 I really like what they said. So much better than “you will meet a tall dark man…”

You have an unusual talent for success, use it properly.

You will always have good luck and overcome many hardships.

I can see the second one, I do seem to have a freaky Irish good luck at times. (Who doesn’t have hardships).

I really like the first one, sort of a “use it for good, not evil” thing. What’s so good about good anyway? I’ve always had some balance of good and bad, or less than purely good at least. I think that’s realistic. To be perfectly good all the time is to set yourself up as a doormat for the world to scrape their mucky feet on. I don’t choose to be that person.

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