Knockout Breasts

This came to me in an email this morning.

It seems that two women in their early twenties decided to go on a crime spree. The prey was men…horny men. Yep, these inventive thieves decided to dress in low-cut dresses with no bras. They dissolved powerful narcotic pills in water to create a paste and rubbed it on their breasts.

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I Did It! I Did It!

I installed WordPress on my site. I thought it would be a lot more complicated but once I actually got started and figured out a few things, it was pretty simple. Yayy me!

There’s information about importing Blogger to WordPress. But, I’m not sure I will do that. Possibly… but I don’t need to.


AxiomX PixelToolbox

For another day. I just noticed the time. I wondered why I was starting to feel a bit bedheaded, like my head wanted to go to bed. Good night, soon. Still a few things to do. One, that I didn’t want to forget and have yet to pull out of my magic hat. Taaa Daaaa!

Debi’s Icons

Debi’s Icons

These are pretty great. Some are so small you need to squint to figure out what they are, but it’s all very detailed work. Even when you have it enlarged 800% or more it is still not easy to get the colour where it needs to be to look like something recognizable in the thumbnail view.… Read the rest

Wired Blogs

Wired Blogs

They say they will be adding more blogs. But, if you read the pitching ideas page they aren’t that friendly sounding when it comes to freelancers. Or maybe I just need to buck up. I’ve been playing possum so long it’s embedded in my whole outlook.

My new mantra (which sounds so ickily new age) is – take yourself seriously and take action.… Read the rest