TRICK or treat

One thing that’s interesting about modern Halloween is who gives out the candy and who collects it.

In my family we’ve always had two parents. One to take the little ones out collecting candy, the other stays home to give out candy to all the neighbourhood kids. On our street we knew which houses were retired couples, childless couples and etc, those who had no kids to go out trick or treating (candy collecting).… Read the rest

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat Rhymes

“Trick or treat, you’re so neat.

Give me something good to eat.

Nuts and candy, fruit and gum.

I’ll go away if you give me some.”

The Writer’s Resume

The Writer’s Resume: by Kim Isaacs- Monster Resume Expert

I never know what to stick in a resume. Especially one about my writing. Everything is so all over the place and I tend to look at most of my credits as pretty feeble. So, I really do need some kind of guide to making my resume sound well put together.… Read the rest

International Wenches Guild

International Wenches Guild

The International Wenches Guild is the brainchild of Lars Lunde (Official Guild Scribe) and Patti Falzarano (National Grande Madame); it began at the New York Renaissance Faire in the summer of 1995.

What began essentially as a local club intended to give some vague sense of order to the various wenches all over that Faire site rapidly turned into an organization stretching across North America, with a present membership of over 2000 women.

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