Good Morning

The plan is to drive down to my sister’s in Newmarket. Stay overnight and then kidnap my nephew for the weekend up here. He’s 10, he likes to think of it as an adventure.

Books for Katrina

Ephemera Bound Publishing & Books for Katrina

Whether or not you are a member of BookCrossing, you can ship books down to Texas for those who lost their books due to Katrina.

Blog Commenting

For several months I have blissfully left this blog without commenting available. I did this cause I got tired of filtering out spam and then I had someone posting nonsense and another one who was posting just to prove he/ she knew more curse words than anyone else did. I was not impressed and I really did not want to waste my time teaching better manners to the masses.… Read the rest

The Women Authors Network Directory

The WAND – The Women Authors Network Directory

I might join this one. I have come across other women writer type groups. If this one is active it would be interesting. It’s small but has a nice variety of writers.

Gladstone House

Gladstone House

This is where CanZine will be in Toronto on October 30th. I really am hoping to go. I did go to one of these things years ago when I still lived in the GTA, at the edges of Scarborough. Now it’s so far from here. It would be a great weekend away if I could afford a weekend away.… Read the rest

The Places to be Webringged

These are the ones I could find, webring hosts. There are two which most interest me: alt-webring and CrickRock. But here is the list for you to procrastinate over.

CrickRock It looks nice and they say they cleaned up a lot of dead rings. That in itself perked my interest. Other bigger services are full of deadwood/ dead rings.… Read the rest