Lucy Stone League

Lucy Stone League The Lucy Stone League is dedicated to: Equal rights for women and men to retain, modify and create their names, because a person’s name is fundamental to her/his existence. Equal actual frequency of name retention, modification and creation between men and women at marriage and throughout life. Equality of patrilineal/matrilineal name distribution … Read more

retro About having the freedom to change your name or not. For women and children mainly, name changes due to marriage.


I don’t like being part of a specific social group, it tends to be limiting and cause people to become cliquey. I prefer to be involved with groups who have a common interest such as sewing, reading, etc. I’ve never seen someone who knits sneering at someone who doesn’t like knitting. I got burned out … Read more


I have just reformatted the computer again. It’s never simple or standard with this computer. There is always some new glitch each time. Almost like it thinks up a new one just for me. But I’m back. Today I hung the curtains in my room. GoodWill specials, remodelled and restyled, you could even say, recycled, … Read more