Lucy Stone League

Lucy Stone League

The Lucy Stone League is dedicated to:

Equal rights for women and men to retain, modify and create their names, because a person’s name is fundamental to her/his existence.

Equal actual frequency of name retention, modification and creation between men and women at marriage and throughout life.

Equality of patrilineal/matrilineal name distribution for children.

The Dirk Malloy All-Male Collection

The Dirk Malloy All-Male Collection: “Dirk Malloy is a raconteur, a lover of the ladies, and a writer of books aimed especially at men with lusty and intellectual interests like his own. He is a third-degree black belt in aiki-jitsu, has traveled extensively, rides a Harley, explores both theoretical physics and the wacky stuff, drinks his scotch straight, loves a good belly laugh, and has tasted both victory and defeat in life and in love.… Read the rest

BookCrossing: Absent Minded Book Hunting

I just submitted this as an article to BookCrossing.

It was on the tip of my tongue… but I’ve forgotten it, again.
by ThatGrrl

I’m sure my brain is at least one memory card short. Rarely can I remember author’s names when I’m in one of those mega bookstores looking for a good book to read.

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I don’t like being part of a specific social group, it tends to be limiting and cause people to become cliquey. I prefer to be involved with groups who have a common interest such as sewing, reading, etc. I’ve never seen someone who knits sneering at someone who doesn’t like knitting. I got burned out from social groups cause they always seem to focus on converting people or trying to be exclusive which really just makes them reclusive.