Divorce Decision Making Process

Reasons You Aren’t Starting the Decision Making Process

This was a good article. Funny how there is such a little pin prick of a point in time when you actually make that a final decision and go on from there. You may consider it, sort of decide and ponder it over for months but when you really do decide it’s just a flash of time and then you don’t go back.… Read the rest

Men are Pathetic, in General

This is a rant so get over it.

I am so tired of men who treat me like a disposable camera. They send a few emails back and forth tell me I’m interesting, pretty, etc. Then they just stop, forget I exist, toss me aside like a used book of matches, whatever. What is so wrong with them?… Read the rest


Tickle: Tests, Matchmaking and Social Networking

Laura, the best Zodiac Match for your personality is Gemini

Gemini, the Twins (May 22 to June 21): This adaptable and lively partner is just your type. Initially, a Gemini may catch your eye with an intellectual remark or their flirtatious banter. But as you get to know them, you’re more likely to be drawn to your Gemini’s creativity and ability to find the fun in any situation.… Read the rest

Celebrating Late-Blooming Women

prillboyle.com tips

A Few Things I Learned From Writing This Book:

1. BEGIN FROM A POINT OF CLARITY. Ask yourself: ‘What am I doing that I want to stop? What am I not doing that I want to begin? At this juncture, you may not know what your passions and gifts are, but undoubtedly you are clear about something.… Read the rest

Why Date Him?

Why someone should date me

This is so cute in an odd way. Still, have a read and consider your own list. Could you come up with 391 reasons?


ENFP – “Journalist”. Uncanny sense of the motivations of others. Life is an exciting drama. 8.1% of total population.

Free Jung Personality Test (similar to Myers-Briggs)

I just need to find those 8.1% of the population and I’ll be off to the races. Look at all the dates I’d have then. People who would think I’m quite sensible not to mention very desirable.… Read the rest