Someone is Calling your Name

Someone is calling your name. He’s tall and strong and lively. He wears a suit by day and comfortable overalls by night. His hair is dark and curly and his eyes sparkle as he laughs. He’s calling your name but you can’t quite hear him. He’s just too far away.

Someday you’ll find him. He’s been looking for you just as you’ve been looking for him. He’d love to find you, to reach out and touch you. He wants to wrap you in his life and hold you there forever. He’s longing for the day you will finally hear him calling your name.

Somewhere along the path you’re taking is the path he’s taking. The two of you will bump into each other. You’ll look up, see him and smile. He’ll call you once more just to see if you’ll answer. When you do the two of you will walk that path together.

Sometimes his voice seems faint, maybe it gets carried away in the wind. There are days when you think you won’t ever find him and he thinks the same way too. But, as long as he’s out there, still calling, you’ll know you have to keep listening, looking and walking in his direction. It’s only fair for you to keep listening while he’s still calling.

Some things will block out his voice and step in the way of your path. Just get around them or ease them aside. Make your life good and full but don’t put time into petty things that will just take up your time. Don’t look back. Keep walking, keep listening for him calling and you’ll get there, one day at a time.

Someone is calling your name, can you hear him yet?

I wrote this for the ScribbeFest which starts February 3rd at BackWash. But, I didn’t like it enough to leave it up for the Fest. So, here it is. I thought someone should read it, besides me.

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