Queen Power

Grab the Queen Power: Live Your Best Life! – Suite101.com

I want ALL women to take up their scepters, don their tiaras and rightfully claim their thrones. In my all-powerful opinion, I believe transforming yourself into a queen means finding your own stream of inner wealth—independence, self-understanding and courage. Being Queenly, then, means nothing less than reaching your highest potential! Here’s what I think. Embracing the Queen archetype is a means to obtaining personal authentic power—just what we all need and deserve! Keep in mind, I am taking liberties here and asking you to step outside the traditional definitions of the Queen (or at least the definitions that we’ve heard in fairy tales, right?). Here, you’ll find a rewrite of the outdated queen model. Ah yes, it’s good to be a queen. Join me in the Queendom, grab the Queen Power and live your best life!

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