I’d Rather Be…

I’d rather be writing. Why am I such a good little procrastinator? It starts with email. I set my browser to open to my webmail. Bad move. Yes, I keep up with things better. But, I get nothing else done. Every email needs some kind of response. Some are simple, a basic reply back with something I can pull out of my brain right at that moment, easily. Most require extra work, digging up information, going into the web to find something, change something, etc. An hour goes by and I am still working on email, not one word written outside of email. It’s not a good thing. Martha would know.

Did you hear about NaMoBlogMo? Where do they come up with such babyish names? Or am I just getting THAT old? What is so wrong with English that people want to chop it up and make it look silly. Or are we, as a society, just getting THAT lazy? I like good use of the language. The name is putting me off ever doing NaMoWrite (whatever). Anyway, it’s not like I need middlemen to help me write. I just need less procrastination and email.

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