Mix 99.9 :: Horoscopes

Mix 99.9 :: Horoscopes: “The sense that you are lacking something important to nourish your inner growth may be nagging you now. Find some peace and quiet and try to find out what it is. Don’t try to fill the void with distractions. “

That’s interesting cause I’ve been swallowed up with distractions lately, I’m not getting anything done and feeling guilty and frustrated.… Read the rest

Wife Swap

Wife Swap – Application form

I’m single so it doesn’t apply. I’ve seen the show a couple of times and it is VERY interesting. I think it’s the best reality TV show they have come up with. Far more real than Survivor and the love ship, etc.

” New Celestial Computer V!rus3s Detected “

” New Celestial Computer V!rus3s Detected “

While the Hale-Bopp comet may not have any spaceships in its tail, it apparently has released several new celestial computer v!ruses into our galaxy. Initial reports indicate 12 such v!ruses have been detected. The following is a listing of the new v!ruses and their attributes:

The ARIES v!rus continuously creates new *.ini… Read the rest