Damaged Mind

I don’t know if it’s possible or just fanciful. But, since having the trunk of my car bonk my head the other day I have been not quite all together here. I’ve also been melancholy. When it first slammed into my head I cried all the way into the house. It was silly but I couldn’t help it.… Read the rest

The NeoNess of it All…

What Faerie are you?
I am Illusen. Rarely roaming far from her tree-top sanctuary in Meridell, Illusen will give great rewards to those that aid her. Just don’t mention that nasty Dark Faerie. What Faerie are you? Click here to find out.

Momentary Thoughts

I suppose one should actually make posts in her blog, beyond the quiz level. Some people choose to get their nose out of joint and generally look down on such things in snootiness. (It goes with the nose I guess). It’s all a slightly chaotic scrapbook to me. A blog is whatever a blog will be.… Read the rest

Which Element is your Neo Faerie?

What Spell Faerie are you?
I am an Earth Faerie. Earth Faeries live in the forests of Neopia, making their homes between the branches of the tallest trees. They love to collect and store items, and try and hide themselves from the creatures far, far below. What Faerie are you? Click here to find out

Virtual Drawing

Virtual Drawing:

“VirtualDrawing.com! Use the drawing device to express your creativity and show off your artistic talents… After you’re done, we automatically send an email to your friend, informing him/ her about the Virtual Drawing(tm)! This person in turn comes to this page, clicks the ‘pick up’ tab, and views your drawing and the additional message if you wrote one.

Read the rest

Just Posting Just Too Many Times

Each day replaces the last one and you can never get any of them back. I think knowing we are mortal, that our time is limited, makes us just a bit crazy. Likely more human too.

Just one of those thoughts of the day. I have more than one a day, usually. I just don’t post them.… Read the rest