Short Burst of Running Away

I ran away today, just drove awhile without a real destination (or reliable window wipers should it start to rain). I ended up in a tiny town called Hockley Valley. I only stopped cause there were three things in a row that perked my curiousity. An art gallery just re-opened by Laura Berry (I’m a Laura), a really cute/ country looking grocery store and lastly a huge winding hill dead ahead on the road.… Read the rest

“The challenge is to say almost nothing, at least very little.”

Sagittarius Horoscope for 9/27 – 10/3

This week’s scenario is highlighted by some sharp words that could get your week off to a rough start.

You’re usually the last one to argue, but you may need to stand up for yourself.

Travel may be a bit more complicated than usual.

Short tempers only make the trip longer.… Read the rest

Beer Comercial

Last night I watched a movie about how women and men were sterilized against their wishes. It was called Heart of the Sun or something like that. Anyway, during this sensitive movie Molson’s beer ran an ad (at least 4 times) in which men are secretly watching a group of women skinny dipping in a lake, using binoculars.… Read the rest

Queen Power

Grab the Queen Power: Live Your Best Life! –

I want ALL women to take up their scepters, don their tiaras and rightfully claim their thrones. In my all-powerful opinion, I believe transforming yourself into a queen means finding your own stream of inner wealth—independence, self-understanding and courage. Being Queenly, then, means nothing less than reaching your highest potential!Read the rest