Women Loving Widowers

Wives of Widowers

Women Loving Widowers

Support group/ resource for women involved with men who lost their first wife, widowers. Could apply to anyone remarrying.

What is a Journal if you Can’t Mess Around with It?

What is a journal for if you can’t mess around with it? Sometimes I add something here and think… people will think I’m a dork or… people will be tired of reading about dragons… Well, so what?

This is my place to mess up at will, and I will, frequently and intentionally. You are forewarned. I might even spell things wrong and not look it up to fix it.… Read the rest

More Chinese Zodiac Dragon Stuff… Cause I Like it!

Water-Dragon: 1892, 1952 (This is Eric’s sign).

Is intelligent, passionate, creative, artistic and highly talented.

Is more gentle, less impulsive and extravagant than his other cousins.

Usually lack direction and inquisitive but is kind and passionate.

Wood-Dragon: 1904, 1964 (This is my sign).

Is colourful, artistic, intelligent and creative.

Systematic, logical and diplomatic.

Can be extravagant and critical of the ideas of others as he feels that he knows better.… Read the rest