Money Money Money

Tomorrow is pay day and I will have money again. What a miserable invention is money. Having to count your needs by a dollar value and having to work so many hours to make so few dollars. What sadist came up with this scheme and why do we all make ourselves continue to follow it.

I’ve already put aside two pairs of pants and one new nightie that I will buy tomorrow before I start work. The pants are both marked down to $10 from being $25 when they came in stock around Christmas. So those are a good deal. I just don’t want to think about how many hours I had to work to make $20. The nightie I need because most of mine are silky things left over from the marriage that never grew. It’s time I got myself something new and not completely practical. OK, the computer games aren’t exactly practical and maybe the nightie is more practical than any of those but… I’m the one making the rules here.

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