Car Woe is Me’s

Idle Words

Good title for a blog.

Someone else with a car not really happy about this cold weather. I just hope mine let’s me get to work on Sunday morning. I need the hours after the Christmas slow down.

It’s been nice.I’ve got a headache from not eating yet today. I suppose I should go down and do something about that. I’ve been enjoying the lifestyle of the idle rich today. I did get dresssed, washed, all that stuff. But I spent the early part of the morning reading in bed and the rest of the day has been right here. It’s been nice. Funny how anyone can be rich for the day, if they have the time. Sometimes I feel rich while driving along, having no where I have to be at any particular time. It doesn’t matter that my car is old and dirty from the winter roads. Even someone with great wealth would have those same winter problems. Also, if my car is old at least it’s paid for.

See ya.

Nice and HappyLive in the Delirious Cool

Something like this might work for me. Instead of the text title and subtitle I could create a graphic and stick that in. The problem would be sizing it all up nice and happy.

I like her subtitle for her about section. “Who does she think she is?”. Made me laugh.

Forty Somethingforty.something

Great layout. I’m trying to fiddle with mine, getting a graphic up there in the title block. Not a clue just how to do it in regards to location of the HTML. Yes, I could make that sound more complex.

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