Too Much Family Time

I had two days off work and I’m just as worn out as I would be had I been working. I think it’s being here. There is so much stress from too much family time, especially when it’s sort of not really your family any more. You can never go back, that’s true when it’s about your parents and brothers and sisters.… Read the rest

Don’t Need Me

I don’t really think I’m ever going to find a man to share my life with. I’m not sure what’s so wrong with me but I it’s something. People can sense it in some weird way, a vibe, a smell, a whatever. I don’t know. The only people who are attracted to me are the needy.… Read the rest

Do What you can Where you Are

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Theodore Roosevelt.

“Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them.” Lady Bird Johnson.

Cradle Robber Baroness

Age is just a number… ever hear that one? Sure you have. But, when a 17 year old boy becomes interested in you (yes in THAT way) age is a lot more than a number.

I’m only the smallest bit flattered. I don’t think he likes me cause I’m especially hot I think he likes me cause I’m not some awkward 16 year old girl and too self involved to chat with an awkward, sort of shy 17 year old boy.… Read the rest

Talk Like a Pirate

You are a Pirate Second Class

Do you remember the last time you took
a chance? I do. It was when you decided
to leave the security of your mother’s womb
and headed for the bright light. It’s time
to head for the next bright light, my friend.
Creativity is not your strong suit. You
are good at doing what you are told to do
and that, in itself, is a gift.… Read the rest

Pebble in Her Shoe

I’m tired. I did some pay day shopping today. Bought new boots for winter, men’s boots cause they fit nicer and give toe wiggling room. Also, you can buy a size 7 instead of an 8. Silly, but kind of nice.

I bought some things for my sister’s mother-in-law’s birthday party on Saturday. I have Saturday off!!!… Read the rest

Smothering Take over

I know what that title means. You can guess at it, but I don’t feel like writing about it. Well, I do but I don’t feel like thinking about it all in depth tonight. I just don’t have time to spare for my own feelings.

Damn Moody Bastards in General

I wrote a bit of sarcastic (mostly) blabberation for the BackWash Feminists in Makeup community.


Overlook the fact that I’m not as cute as GK. You’re stuck with me this time. Yes, the backseat driver is taking over. Suffer the poor reader.

As usual, I come with no point in mind. If you’ve ever read my column you’re probably used to that by now.… Read the rest