Found Carmageddon!

Found Carmageddon!

*OLDIES BACK-UP* // Carmageddon 

I’m downloading Carmageddon! Finally found a site where it’s abandonware, free for the downloading. A hefty download but just wait till I’m wrecking cars again. I’ve missed version one. As much as I like Crashopolypse (spelling doesn’t look right) version one had a charm of it’s own.

Buttermilk and Molasses

Buttermilk & Molasses

I’ve become addicted to buttermilk. I was thinking to look up buttermilk and molasses (which just smells so great) and see what came up in a Google search. I didn’t even have to do that tonight. I just searched for buttermilk (looking for whatever came along) and here is a blog called Buttermilk and Molasses.

Are We There Yet?

This week in WordCraft…

Are we there yet?

Isn’t is a good thing we have kids to remind us what’s important? How often do you look ahead and think of the time when you will be there? Where is there? If you aren’t really sure it’s time you made plans and put them in writing. Where do you want to be in your writing?… Read the rest

Wallflower Guide

I’m a wallflower in disguise. What’s a wallflower? The word is old fashioned but lovely, I’ve always thought. A wallflower is a shy or unpopular woman who sits alone, by the wall, at social occasions and events. A flower on the wall. That’s me but you wouldn’t know it. I’ve learned all kinds of clever disguises.I

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Dmoz Griping and Swollen Heads

Open Directory Public Forum

Just came across this. Not sure if it’s really all that useful. I read some of it and decided not to register and not keep the URL even. Far too many swollen egos on both sides. At times I think there are too many persnickity nitpickers, niggling over the skimpiest details that really don’t seem to matter one dot.… Read the rest