Year End News

Just today, I found myself and this website mentioned in a book. The O’Reilly Essential Blogging book in which Ben and Mena Trott are among the authors. I’m on page #230 with my blab about blogs. I had no idea my comments were chosen for the book. Pretty nice year end surprise. Maybe it’s a sign of great things to come.

Who knows maybe Harlequin and all those women’s magazines will just flock to put my words into print. Yeah, and after that I’ll start dusting off the plans for my world domination plot, the one where I’m empress of the world. I’m a very good empress btw.

Now I really do need to fix all the little things around my site. Plus work on getting my new graphics (homemade) scanned and loaded up. Wait till you see them, you’ll be completely blown away, that or get the hiccups laughing. Either way works for me. 😉

Corrections on Christmas

I must correct my Christmas blab. I did get three presents and counting now. Before Christmas my brother let me have $50 to change my drivers license from US to Canadian. Afterwards he told me to keep the money (I didn’t need to pay him back) and get that food steamer I had told him I wanted for Christmas. The food steamer I got on sale for less than $25, so that was a nice Christmas present. I just didn’t think of it when I was writing because it was pre-Christmas. Since Christmas my sister Grace (home visiting) bought me the inhalers I needed. I had given her my bank card but she didn’t use it. So that was nice of her. Thirdly, today my Mom said she is giving me $200 for Christmas. So Christmas was a time of giving afterall.

In case you’re wondering… I gave everyone something for Christmas too. But I didn’t spend much due to not having much to spend. Likely I’ve spent more on gassing the car than anything or anyone else. I hope working at Zellers will keep me in coffee once I ask (and get) full time. But, I’m going to ask once my 3 months probation is up. Hoping that goes more than well. I’ve even been so bold as to ask people to fill out the customer service comment cards. So far both people I asked were glad to do it. But, I knew they would be since I spent extra time helping both of them and they were nice, cheery people. Just another 8 cards to go and then I can get a silver ID card. Won’t that look good for my 3 months probation. 🙂

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