Yard Sales and Auctions

Today I’m going to look for more templates and see if I can do more with my front page, of the blog. It’s fun but since I know so little about coding I don’t want to mess things up and not have a clue how to put them back.

Anyway, this morning Todd and I went out for breakfast, just a drive thru thing but I like that. McDonalds sausage and egg is my favourite. Even their coffee has been getting better. I don’t go often, not even once a month. We ate in the park which was nice. Things are easier between us now. Makes me almost doubt myself but I don’t want to go back. I still remember the 4 months he stopped talking to me and things he said that really knocked me around at the time.

We went driving around to yard sales this morning, after the park breakfast. I didn’t want to buy anything since I’m moving and at this point it’s all just more stuff. But, at a church sale they were selling everything for a dollar. They handed out grocery bags and you could fill them for a dollar. I put in as many pairs of jeans as I could, Todd added a book he wanted and we got it all for a dollar. I will use the jeans for making things. Ideally a new denim knapsack or purse thing and some kind of denim quilt would be very lovely too. I could embroider it and then make it all patchworked together. I think that would be ideal. I wouldn’t really need a pattern since it would be in the crazy quilt style.

Anyway, I’ve agreed to take part in an auction later today. It’s for an IRC channel I have been visiting for a long time, on and off. It’s not a nice girl thing but it will be something different. Sometimes I have serious doubts about the whole nice girl/ BDSM girl thing. It seems so over the top for who I think I am. Yet, I do like the ideas behind it. Not all of it, just like with Wicca, I have my own version of it that works for me. In BDSM I think its more about seduction than anything else. I’m not into even the idea of pain, not even so much as spanking. So, we will see how the auction goes. I devoted a column to it on the Adult BackWash column I write: Bait & Switch.

A guy I had known on IRC for a long time was a real jerk last night. I guess I had forgotten that I was on IRC. Never really expect much from IRC people and don’t trust anything male there. That should be the number one rule. I’m not bitter about it, angry I guess, but not bitter. I wondered if I would still go to the auction but decided I would because I had said I would. Maybe I will get in the spirit of things and still have a few laughs.

Anyway, the husband is about to get into the shower and go to his company picnic with his Mother. I could have gone but it’s a hot day and I’m not really that impressed with all the ladies he works with. They all seem to think I am the evil bitch now that we are getting divorced.

Update – The auctioning is done. I bought 3 men. Tonight I’m too tired to blog. Tomorrow I can type all the auction adventures.

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