The Auction

I never did write about the auction. It took two nights and at some points wasn’t very interesting. Mainly this was because so many people didn’t show up to be auctioned and others didn’t show up to bid on them. Auction by proxy isn’t fun to watch. I bought 4 men altogether, but I only kept three. One I traded for one of the others. The one I traded for seemed interesting but when I started talking to him a bit I was less sure. In the end men on IRC are really all the same. I think typing does something to their brain cells. You could probably make some version of that joke about men thinking with one head or the other, but never both.

Anyway, I did buy 3 men and at some point I will spend an hour amusing myself with them, in theory. In reality I will have to find some way to entertain them. I might just skip it since I have zero interest in cyber or virtual sex, same for phone sex, trading pics or any of the other stuff that it’s popular to do. I would like to meet someone to begin a relationship with but I know that is highly unlikely on IRC or any kind of Internet chat. If you can’t meet them face to face you really don’t know who they are. The Internet works well as a way to find them and get a preview but I’m not even sure about that any more. People put on a face online, they may think they are more themselves, less intimidated, but it seems to me they are putting on a show and the real person could be someone else, completely different.

The whole pic trading thing does bug me. Men (probably women too but I don’t encounter them in the same way) collect pictures as a way of putting notches in their bedposts. They don’t care who you are, what you think or feel. Before they even know your name they are asking for your pic. Why? Because they only have 1043 and really hope to hit 2000 by the end of the month. Just as men used to collect phone numbers in a little black book. Cyber man collects image files. I actually do have a picture of myself scanned but I almost never give it out and when asked for it I tell them I don’t have one.

I can’t believe it’s already this close to noon. No wonder I’m getting hungry, I skipped breakfast. At least I did have a shower this morning. I have one thing accomplished for the day. I have so much packing to do and I’m being very bad about procrastinating with it. I think I just hate moving and not really knowing where I am going to or if I’m going to anything at all. What 37 year old woman wants to move back to her parent’s house, even if it is just a couple of weeks.

Before I get into another tail spin about why do I always fail at everything I’m going to make soup and get offline to phone my brother for his birthday today.

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