No Witches allowed on the Resume

My sister helped me, gave my resume a look over and some suggestions. She is the big business typhoon in the family. She really does know her stuff. Anyway, she was not impressed with my website. True, the front page does look amateurish, especially the layout. But what she especially thought I should get rid of is my Witchery stuff. Likely she is right, only a few people really understand all of that. Most have no clue and many would think I was crazy, gothic or a danger to society – maybe all three. So, I am thinking of making it invisible, just like my adult pages. I bet you didn’t even know about those. I’ve only made one link to them and its not anywhere on my own domain.

So Witchcraft might have to do the same. Its not like I’ve been posting new content there anyway. I did want to, planned to, all that stuff but its never happened. The traffic it used to get has died off too, so its not likely anyone but me would miss it.

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