I saw Carol Again Today

Carol is a woman I met while at work. She was shopping for men’s jeans the first time. We got talking about how she takes a tuck in the sides and turns them into jeans for herself. (The men’s clothes do tend to be better made/ quality than the women’s clothes).

Anyway, after half an hour of chatting I found that Carol is the person I was not so long ago. Her husband and son belittle her and she feels lost in the world. She doesn’t know where to go from the rut she has gotten used to. I tried to help her. I told her about my own exploits and how things are better now. So, Carol grabbed onto my small lifeline and asked for my phone number. Maybe we could meet for coffee, she said. I knew Carol would never phone, but I hoped she would.

Today I saw her again. Not for very long as it was Christmas Eve Day and the store was fairly busy. Today Carol wasn’t alone either. I saw first hand how she is treated by both her husband and son. She’s a second class citizen, the door mat who makes their life easier by not being a bother.

Carol asked for my phone number again today. I hope she phones, but I don’t expect she will.

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