First Day

Not a real first day since it was just an orientation. We toured the store, signed papers, got a uniform (golf shirt) and found out what we are doing. I am a floor service person. Sounds great so far. From what I know I walk around and see if anyone needs help. If they are looking for something I take them there, offer to show them little extras to go with their planned purchase, etc. Basically it’s my job to be friendly and outgoing. How hard can that be? I guess we’ll see.

Anyway, I hemmed up the black pants I bought for work. So I’m pretty much ready to start tomorrow at 9:00am. If that turns out to be my regular shift I’d be happy. I still don’t know that part for sure.

Of course, my period started today too. It does seem to have great timing. I’ve heard it’s due to stress that you get your period at the worst times. But, I don’t believe that theory. I’ve been under a lot of stress and it stopped completely for several months. I was sure I had early menopause. I began to feel extremely hopeless. That’s a horrible thing to feel. Now, I really understand suicide, what goes through someone’s mind and what drives them to take that last step. It’s not feeling sad, feeling you can’t cope, etc. It really is a lack of hope.

Enough of that. Just now when things seem to be getting better I don’t want to rehash the past few months.

The little car is great. That crack down the front window IS growing. I look at it every day, how can I miss it after all. But, other than that I am really starting to love my car. I talk to it now and then. No name yet, I haven’t found one that has that feeling of total rightness.

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