Erotica among the Nice Girls

Ladies don’t write porn, we write erotica. Ladies probably don’t have fantasies about seducing, controlling and tormenting men. Ladies don’t have a lot of fun, but we knew that already.

I feel odd about writing the Adult column at BackWash. I’m a nice girl, I’ve always been a good girl. No fooling around, no drugs, drinking or sex. Other than the that found wallet thing I was a good girl other goodie girls could look up to in admiration. That didn’t seem a bad thing either. People liked me cause I was a good girl. I’m not sure I want to know what they will think if they know I secretly write erotica (now and then) and even worse! I maintain an adult column about BDSM and SEX! I shudder to think.

Do nice/ good girls (women we would hope) like erotica? Are we allowed?

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