Deadly Dull

Talking about ourselves seems so boring at times. I think it’s that inferiority complex thing. Everything some one else is doing seems so much more interesting and worthwhile that whatever we are doing ourselves.

My sister is having her second baby on Thursday. That’s my biggest news and it’s not even about me, directly.

I have a hundred things I need to be doing but this cold is sucking the life out of me. I coughed so much at work I was feeling light headed. Then, in the car I coughed so much there was actual leakage in another area. I had to go home instead of taking a trip to Chapters for an hour after work. Being sick really messes things up.

New ASCII Collection

I’m working on HerCorner tonight. I got the OK to put up an ASCII art gallery there. I had it already started on my personal site. But, I’m moving it to HerCorner for the traffic boost. The ASCII art part of my site has always done well, about 200 hits a week. I really need to get back to doing more ASCII. It must be boring seeing the same stuff every time they come.

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