Belittling Myself

Can you take praise or accept help graciously? Not me, at least not without an inner debate/ struggle over the whole thing. I’ve come to think it’s all part of how I belittle myself. Undervalue would work too.

Another element of the belittling is how I feel I can never do enough. I constantly take on more jobs and projects, more than I can really handle.… Read the rest

Year End News

Just today, I found myself and this website mentioned in a book. The O’Reilly Essential Blogging book in which Ben and Mena Trott are among the authors. I’m on page #230 with my blab about blogs. I had no idea my comments were chosen for the book. Pretty nice year end surprise. Maybe it’s a sign of great things to come.… Read the rest

Family is Like a Car Crash

My Mother is coming home from Florida today. For me that means I have to catch up on the cleaning I’ve been neglecting. Not that it matters. Soon after she comes in the door she will start doing it all over again. I’ve come to see this as reclaiming her territory. I can’t see how I could do such a poor job that she would need to do everything over again.… Read the rest

I saw Carol Again Today

Carol is a woman I met while at work. She was shopping for men’s jeans the first time. We got talking about how she takes a tuck in the sides and turns them into jeans for herself. (The men’s clothes do tend to be better made/ quality than the women’s clothes).

Anyway, after half an hour of chatting I found that Carol is the person I was not so long ago.… Read the rest

The Aliens of Knowledge

This is going to sound pretty flaky but, sometimes I image aliens (those little green men type guys) are watching me, recording all the knowledge I gain and will some day turn me off. Well, I’m not sure about the turning off part. I’d prefer to think they’ll just finish this learning project and move along to something else.… Read the rest

Writing Quote

“Very few people ever mature. It is enough if they flower and reseed… But sometimes…awareness takes place — not very often and always inexplainable. There are no words for it because there is no one ever to tell. This is a secret not kept a secret, but locked in wordlessness. The craft or art of writing is the clumsy attempt to find symbols for the wordlessness.”… Read the rest